Mr Big – Undertow chords

Am G F (2x)

AmShe said she couldn’t do it if she tried
G FBut she never tried, she’ll never try
AmIt’s running through her veins like cyanide
G FIt gets her by, but just for a while
C Bb Am FHow long, can she keep on chasing something wrong?
C BbMemories, of how she could’ve made it
Dm F BbThe waves are crashing down, she’s caught on the undertow
GmDrowning in the sea
Dm F BbShe’s looking for a light but there’s nowhere to go
F AmUndertow
Am G F
AmShe sees the world through hazy blood-shod eyes
G Gjust looking for another high
AmShe lives by golden rules that don’t apply
G FLife passed her by, and I tell you why
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