Mr Bungle – Vanity Fair tab

   / Mr. Bungle   /  This lovely crazy song has its unique groove and chords,
  / Vanity Fair  /  and I simply had to figure out what's it all about. I still
 / California   /  think I've yet to find out...

I also have the tricky Bridge and Breakdown parts typed into guitar pro if
anyone should be interested. It's much easier to learn it from guitar pro in
any case. The Breakdown part especially makes a lot more sense there.

*Time:  6/8, shuffled
*Tempo: Q=97 bpm
*Key:   C# major (######)

| C# | A#m | Bm/D | G# |

||: C# | A#m | Bm/D | G# :||

*C major
||: C | Fmaj7 | Fm/G# | A# :|| 3x

*C# major (######)
| D | G# |

||: C# | A#m | Bm/D | G# :|| 3x

Bridge: This is the keyboard part transcribed for guitar. It consists of a melody voice and a bass voice. The bass voice is also played by the bass one octave below.*E minor (#) 6/8 7/8 6/8 3/8|-------3-----|-2-------0-2-|-3-------2-3-|-0---3-----2-3-|-0---2------|-------||-------------|-------------|-------------|---------------|------------|-------||-------------|-------------|-------------|---------------|------------|-------||-2-----------|-------------|-------------|-----1---------|-----0------|---0-1-||-------------|-3-----------|-------------|-0-------------|-0----------|-------||-------------|-------------|-4-----------|---------------|------------|-------|
6/8 7/8 6/8 3/8|-------3-----|-2-------0-2-|-3-------2-3-|-0---3-----2-3-|-0---2------|-------||-------------|-------------|-------------|---------------|------------|-------||-------------|-------------|-------------|---------------|------------|-------||-2-----------|-------------|-------------|-----1---------|-----0------|-------||-------------|-3-----------|-------------|-0-------------|-0----------|-------||-------------|-------------|-4-----------|---------------|------------|-------|
Here the keyboard does a random slide down the keys. The 5-stringed bass slides down from that C# on the 4th fret leading to the following C#-chord.*C# major (######) 6/8G|-------------|D|------drum---|A|-4\---fill---|E|-------------|B|-------------|
Interlude: ||: C# | A#m | Bm/D | G# :|| Verse: *C major ||: C | Fmaj7 | Fm/G# | A# :||
Breakdown:*C minor (bbb)G|-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|D|-10\---------|-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|A|-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|E|-------------|-------------|-------------|-8\----------|-------------|B|-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|
|-------------|-------------|-------------| |-------------|-------------|-------------| |-------------|-------------|-------------| |-8\----------|-------------|-------------| |-------------|-------------|-------------|
This break part the vocal sings "Cut it, Cut it, Cut, Cut, Cut" on all of X's marking, which are the 'opposite' of the bass' and drums' markings. X X X X X X X |-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------| |-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|-------drum--| |-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|-------fill--| |---3-3---3-3-|---3---3---3-|-3-----------|-------------|-------on----| |-------------|-------------|-------------|-------------|------"4-5-6"|
Final Verse: *C major ||: C | Am | A#m/C# | G :|| repeat till fade out You're not human You're a miracle A preacher with an animal's face In your sexy neon smokescreen Lie the supersalesmen of vanity Even your shadow worships you In your jungle solitude With the orgies of the sacrament And the seal of flagellants You know, God saves those who save their skin From the bondage that we're in I'm elated I could cut you And remove the sheath of your ignorance Bless the eunuch And the Skoptsy Will you hurt me now and make a million? Say cheese, baby We all love you It's a cheap world and you don't exist Slit the fabric of the right now Spread your legs and wear the crown Tell me how long, lord, how long? Till I get my beauty sleep? Now the hourglass is empty Moment of my de-sexing Cut it Cut it Cut Cut Cut Cut this cancer from my soul Now I've made it I'm finally naked I'm finally naked Yeah, I made it I'm rarely naked Jon Sebastian Frederiksen - 18th /May /09 Just mail me at with questions, comments and corrections!
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