Mr Hudson - Central Park Acoustic tab version 1

			     Cetral Park- Mr Hudson
Tabbed by: Claire Stephen (Claz2201)

Tuning: eBGDE ~OR~ Half Step Down

D- 000232
Dmaj7- 000222D*- 000200
Bm- 224432Em- 022000A- 0022220
Intro/ Verse D Dmaj7 D* Dmaj7e-------------------------------------------------------------------------|A-------------------------------------------------------------X2----------|D-0---0---------0---0---------0----0-------0---0--------------------------|G---2-----2-------2-----2-------2----2-------2-----2----------------------|B-3-----3-------2-----2-------0---0--------2-----2------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Bm Em A Eme-------------------------------------------------------------------------|A-2---2---------2---2---------0---0---------2---2-------------X2----------|D---2-----2-------2-----2-------2-----2-------2-----2---------------------|G-4-----4-------0-----0-------2-----2-------0-----0-----------------------|B-------------------------------------------------------------------------|E-------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Then Back to the D, Dmaj7, D* pattern and repeat. Lyrics: D Dmaj7 D* D First few horns and the squeak of brakes D Dmaj7 D* D Knock on the door and the city wakes Bm Em A Em Bm Em A Em But you, you're still sleeping Bm Em A Em Bm Em A Em And you, you're in love D Dmaj7 D* D Painting a pretty picture D Dmaj7 D* D How I wish, more of this were true Bm Em A Em Bm Em A Em But you, you're in London Bm Em A Em Bm Em A Em And you, you're still in love Ect... Enjoy :) ************************************ | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note | b Bend | pb Pre-bend | br Bend release | pbr Pre-bend release | brb Bend release bend ************************************
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