Mr Seley - Back In Michigan chords

Back in Michigan
By: Mr Seley

Chorus (twice):
GBack in Michigan
C GI knew I'd be here again
C GNo matter where I go. No matter what I do
D GI always end up back again
G F G I used to wanna crawl out of this mitten
G C GFind myself a brand new place to dwell
D C Said my goodbyes, so long, farewell
G D GThen I realized I was just runnin' away from myself
Chorus (twice): I promise you I can read a road map But we all make a big mistake or two Took a wrong turn on a foggy night out past Kalamazoo But then I turned around and came right back home to you Chorus (twice) Chorus (x3) w/soloing Drum break From Monroe all the way on up to Leelenau From Holland and across to Saginaw You've never seen so many hard workin' people with so much heart And in a matter of time, we'll be comin' back strong Chorus (twice)
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