Mr T Experience - Elizabeth Or Fight tab

NOTE: This Is Not My Own Work!! These are the tabs as found on the Mr. T Experience 
"Yesterday Rules"... I just thought I'd Upload them for those who don't own the cd...

Elizabeth or Fight!

    Em    C     B7
E   liz   a     beth,

      G    C  D
don't look to me

        Em             D               Em  D  C
you can be yourself or find some other way to be

    Em   C     B7
but time won't wait

         G  C  D
and even if it does

Em            D             Em  D  C
it's unlikely to go back to how it was

   G               D         D7
so my advice is to not think twice:

     Cm9     F9       G
Elizabeth    or       fight

Em    C       B7
stick to your guns

            G    C D
it won't be long before

   Em              D             Em     C     Dmaj7
surrendering won't be an option  a      ny    more

    G           D     D7
so in the end I recommend:

     Cm9          F9      G            (x2)
Elizabeth         or      fight

Am        D    G       D7 flat 9    Em    Em7/D bass
peace whenever justice will       allow

Am7      D
peace forever

 Cm6          G
Elizabeth for now

Em   C    B7     G  C  D
if   that means eternally

Em            D            Em    D       Cmaj7
fighting for Elizabeth and Li    ber     ty

or the reverse

          D       D7
you could do much worse:

     Cm9     F9        G          (x3)
Elizabeth    or        fight.
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