Mrnorth - Sleeping Dogs tab

Intro CE|-------------------------|B|-------1-----------1-----|G|---0-----0-----0-----0---|D|-----2-----2-----2-----2-| A|-3-----------3-----------|E|-------------------------|
Verse C Em Am F Am CE|-------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------1---------1-----1-------1-----|G|---0-----0-----2-----2-----2-----2-----0-----0---|D|-----2-----2-----2-----2-3-----2---------2-----2-|A|-3-----2-----0-----------------------3-----------|E|-------------------------------------------------|
Cry my eyes blind. Say, I want to settle down. Bleeding hearts lie when they're swollen and proud. Cry my eyes blind. Say, I'm scared of being lonely. Gold diggers mine for rocks and sand mostly Cry my eyes blind. Say, I want to settle down. Sleeping dogs lie. Get that dog up off the ground. Cry my eyes blind. Say, I want to settle down. Sleeping dogs lie.
Chorus Am C E|-------------------------|B|-------1-----------1-----|G|---2-----0-----0-----0---|D|-----2-----2-----2-----2-| A|-0-----------3-----------|E|-------------------------| x3
Nah nah nah, I miss you. Nah nah nah, I'm scared. Nah nah nah, it's a big old world. Nah nah nah, I love you. Nah nah nah, I'm here. Nah nah nah, it feels funny, Boy
C Em Am Em CE|-------------------------------------|B|-------------------1-----------1-----|G|---0-----0-----2-----2-----0-----0---|D|-----2-----2-----2-----2-----2-----2-|A|-3-----2-----0-----------2-----------|E|-------------------------------------|
It's lonely when you are not there. Not There, not there. Funny when you are not near. Not near, not near.
Outro F Am F Am F Am CE|--------------------------------------------------|B|-----1-----1-----1-----1-----1-----1------1-------|G|---2-----2-----2-----2-----2-----2----0-----0-----|D|-3-----2-----3-----2-----3-----2--------2-----2---|A|------------------------------------3-----------3-|E|--------------------------------------------------|
Get that dog up off - he don't wanna. Dog up off the ground.
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