Mrs Greenbird - Shooting Stars And Fairy Tales chords version 2

                   Shooting Stars and Fairy Tales - Mrs. Greenbird
Tabbed by: Sami

Tuning: Standard

H5: x244300
H5/A: x044300
H5/G#: 4x4300
H5/G: 3x4300


H5      H5/A   H5/G#  H5/G   


C#m E Shooting stars and fairy tales
C#m F# They are the winds in my sails
E G#mIm feeling fireworks in here
H Light up the athmosphere
F# And I can see so far
E G#m Im feeling fireworks in here
H You are the wish my dear
F# I made upon the star
E You can call me crazy
H F# call me any way you do
No chords this star has fallen for you Intro & Verse Bridge x2
C#m H You and I are a universe
G#m F#5 You and I are a universe
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