Mt. Joy – Julia chords

[Verse 1]
GmStraighten my sweater, fix my spine
FStep up in line, I'm ordering food high
And I don't know why
GmI'm so nervous I won't make it
F'Cause that's my favorite waitress
GmThose big brown eyes
I don't know what I ordered But you're smiling like I can't afford it [Instrumental]
Bb Am COoh
[Verse 2]
GmAddicted to TED talks
Waiting for lift off
FBut I didn't know it if it's doing much
'Cause I just lost my mind
GmIn the fluorescent lights of my life
FIn my mind, a river running free like rabbits
GmBut Julia
FFix me a blue sky in the world sun
And i'll be back now
FHow long, how long till I'm all gone?
'Cause here I am [Interlude]
BbJust stumbling down
AmElysian Fields
FA spanish moss
And a sudden feel
CSilver moonlight in the trees
BbAnd the devil's in my bloodstream
FDon't say you love the old me
Bb FWoah now, Woah now
Bb FWoah now Oooh
Bb F C Gm C GmWoah now Oooh
Bb AmJust stumbling down Elysian Fields
FYour vision coming clear
CAnd I don't know where home is
Bb FAnd the doors wide open
FHow long, how long, how long, oh lord, oh lord
FHow long, how long till it's all gone?
How long, how long?
C'Cause you deserve a man to lead you in
Bb Am FBut here I am just stumbling down Elysian Fields again
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