Mudcrutch - The Wrong Thing To Do chords

Am C Well my daddy took me camping out under the stars
D AmLeft me by the fire while he hit the bars
Am CAnd I broke my finger on the trailer hitch
D AmMomma called daddy a son of a bitch
Am CWell a hundred miles ago youre dragging your ass
D AmIm in a Japanese car it aint gonna last
Am C And youre forever driving on the wrong side of the road
D AmWearing dungarees that youre mother stole
D Am Well my momma loves me but my daddy dont
G DIll try to work it all out, but I probably wont
D Am I got a woman waiting at the top of the stairs
G DIts the wrong thing to do, but I dont care
Am CWell she was blonde and tall, she was twenty three
D Am Born into the world to get the best of me
Am CAnd she never gave back half what she stole
D Am She wanted my money so I give her my soul
chorus (Instrumental bridge, unknown)
Am CWell I was flying half mast on the fourth of July
D Am In a bar in Lake City with a western tie
Am C And I was thinking hard bout changing my name
D Am Then headed for Miami when the daylight came
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