Muddy Waters – Mannish Boy tab ver. 3

This is the tablature for the original version, off of the Chess Records album. For some 
reason the tabs and lyrics out there seem to mostly be off of non original recordings.

The timing doesn't really matter until you hit the last few notes of the third, and 
final, intro riff. Also note that the first note of the third riff begins just as the word 
"alright" finishes

Standard tuning

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeah..."--(3)/5-----------------------|---------5/3p1----------------|------------------------------|------------------------------|------------------------------|------------------------------|
"Wooah yeah..."------------------------------|--3/5/3--1h2------------------| (Let the hammered on 2 ring)--------------2---------------|------------------------------|------------------------------|------------------------------|
"Everything gon' be alright this mornin'"--3/5------------3------------|-------3/5--5/3----3bp1-------| (Full bend, then unbend, then pulloff to 1)-------------------------22---|------------------------------|------------------------------|------------------------------|
Then begin the riff that plays throughout the song. I recommend playing the double stops on the B/E strings with a strummed upward stroke from the index finger. This causes the strings to not play exactly simultaneously, and makes it sound dirty, like the blues should.
(Play this 3x, then start first verse)----2-----0-------------------|----3-----1h2-----------------|-2-----2--2----2--------------|------------------------------|-0--0--0--0----0--(0-0--0-0)--| ------------------------------|
Now when I was a young boy At the age of 5 My mother say imma be the greatest man alive But now I'm a man I made 21 I want you to believe me honey We havin' lots of fun I'm a man I spell M, A child, N That represents man No B, O child, Y That spell mannish boy But I'm a man A full grown man I'm a man I'm a rollin stone I'm a man I'm a hoochie coochie man Sittin' on the outside Just me n my mate I'm made the move Come up two hours late Wasn't that a man I spell M, A child, N That represents man No B, O child, Y That spell mannish boy I'm a man I'm a full grown man I'm a man I'm rollin stone I'm a man I'm a full grown man Oh, well... Oh, well... Oh, well... Hope that's useful to someone!
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