Muddy Waters – Baby Please Dont Go chords

Verse 1:

GBaby Please Don't Go
G G7Baby Please Don't Go
G7Baby Please Don't Go, down to New Orleans
D7 GYou Know I Love You So
Verse 2:
GBefore I be your dog
G G7Before I be your dog
G7Before I be your dog, I get you way'd out here,
D7 Gand let you walk alone
Verse 3:
GTurn your lamp down low
G G7Turn your lamp down low
G7Turn your lamp down low, I beg you all night long
D7 GBaby, please don't go
Verse 4:
GYou brought me way down here
G G7You brought me way down here
G7You brought me way down here, down to Rolling Fork
D7 GYou treat me like I'm a dog
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