Mumford And Sons - Roll Away Your Stone Acoustic tab

Mumford and Sons

Roll Away Your Stone (Acoustic)

Tuning: D A D F# A D

Capo: 2nd Fret

Taken from a Marcus Mumford video - Youtube it to see. 
Obviously you'll need to master the timing and muting of it but this seems to me 
to be what he plays. 
Only thing left is the intro which I haven't gotten to yet. Thanks.

e|--X----X----X---------------|B|--X----X----X---------------|G|--0----0----0---------------| X 3 "...don't leave me alone at this time."D|--0----5----0----0h2-0-0---0|A|--0----5----0------------2--|E|--0----5----0---------------|
e|--0----0----0|B|--0----0----0|G|--0----0----0| "For I'm afraid of what I will discover inside."D|--7----5----0|A|--7----5----0|E|--7----5----0|
e|-----------------0-0|B|-----------------0-0|G|-----------------0-0| (Listen for this quick little E to A played in D|--0h2-0-0---0----0-0| between verses)A|----------2------0-5|E|-----------------0-5|
e|--0----0-----0---------------|B|--5----0-----0---------------|G|--0----0-----0---------------| "...and yet it dominates the things I see."D|--4----5-----0----0h2-0-0---0| A|--2----X-----0------------2--|E|--X----5--2--0---------------|
(I don't even know what it's called but note the fancy sounding barred notes at the 5th, 7th, and 12th frets)
e|--0----0----0----0| |--0--|B|--0----0----0----0| |--0--| "...and I won'tG|--0----3----5----0| |--7--| give them upD|--0----0----0----0| X2 "Stars hide your fires. |--7--| again this timeA|--0----0----0----0| |--0--| around..."E|--0----0----0----0| |--0--|
e|--0---|B|--0---|G|--12--|D|--12--| (Finish with this)A|--0---|E|--0---|
e|--0----0----0----0| |--0----0|B|--0----0----0----0| |--0----0|G|--0----0----0----0| then |--0----0| "...that is so rightfully mine." D|--0----5----7----0| |--7----0|A|--0----5----7----0| |--7----0|E|--0----5----7----0| |--7----0|
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