Mumford And Sons - I Gave You All tab version 1

Artist: Mumford And Sons
Song: I Gave You All
Album: Sigh No More (2009)

This is the tab for I Gave You All by Mumford And Sons. Sounds pretty right to me! Enjoy!

***NOTE: When I put an asterisk (*) next to a number, that means play the pattern one 
full time, then going to the second time on the pattern just pluck the two strings 
together and don't finish pattern, move on.

When I put an upward arrow thing (^) next to a number, that means just pluck those two 
strings indicated at the same time, and do not go into the pattern.

D Tuning: DADFAD
No Capo

Picking Pattern:|--------------||--------------||-x-----------x||--------x-----||--------------||-x---x-----x--|Pick that pattern fast.
Main Riff:|---|---|---|---||---|---|---|---||-5-|-4-|-2-|-0-||---|---|---|---| Play pattern 2 times at each interval. So like fingers with|---|---|---|---| your fingers on five play the pattern twice at 5, then go|-5-|-3-|-2-|-0-| down
Riff 1 (When I have the "x_" that's how many times you do the pattern each):|---|---|----|----|---|---|---|---||---|---|----|----|---|---|---|---||-5-|-4-|-11-|-12-|-5-|-4-|-2-|-0-||---|---|----|----|---|---|---|---||---|---|----|----|---|---|---|---||-5-|-3-|-10-|-12-|-5-|-3-|-2-|-0-| x2 x1 x1 x2 x2 x2 x2 x2
Riff 2 (Reference NOTE section at top of tab for key):|----|----|---|----|---|---|---|---||-12-|-10-|-8-|-10-|-3-|-5-|-7-|-3-||----|----|---|----|---|---|---|---||----|----|---|----|---|---|---|---||----|----|---|----|---|---|---|---||-12-|-10-|-8-|-10-|-3-|-5-|-7-|-3-| x2* x1^ x2* x1^ x1^ x1^ x1^ x2
This is played exactly like the pattern except use the high F & A strings instead of the middle D & F strings.
Riff 3:|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---||---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---||-2-|-0-|-4-|-5-|-2-|-0-|-4-|-5-||---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---||---|---|---|---|---|---|---|---||-1-|-0-|-4-|-5-|-1-|-0-|-4-|-5-| x2* x1 x1 x2 x2 x2 x1 x4
Riff 4:|---|---|----|----|---|---|----|----|---|---|----|----|---|---|----|----|---||---|---|----|----|---|---|----|----|---|---|----|----|---|---|----|----|---||-9-|-7-|-12-|-11-|-9-|-7-|-12-|-11-|-9-|-7-|-12-|-11-|-9-|-7-|-12-|-11-|-9-||---|---|----|----|---|---|----|----|---|---|----|----|---|---|----|----|---||---|---|----|----|---|---|----|----|---|---|----|----|---|---|----|----|---||-8-|-7-|-12-|-10-|-8-|-7-|-12-|-10-|-8-|-7-|-12-|-10-|-8-|-7-|-12-|-10-|-8-| x2* x1^ x2* x2 x2* x1^ x1^ x3 x2* x1^ x1 x4 x2* x1^ x1 x1 x2*
|----|----||----|----||-12-|-11-||----|----||----|----||-12-|-10-| x1 x4
Riff 5 (Strumming Section, listen to song to time how many strums of each):|---|---|---|---|---|---|---|----|---|---|---|----|----||---|---|---|---|---|---|---|----|---|---|---|----|----||-5-|-4-|-7-|-5-|-4-|-7-|-9-|-11-|-5-|-4-|-7-|-11-|-12-||-0-|-0-|-0-|-0-|-0-|-0-|-0-|-0--|-0-|-0-|-0-|-0--|-0--||-0-|-0-|-0-|-0-|-0-|-0-|-0-|-0--|-0-|-0-|-0-|-0--|-0--||-5-|-4-|-7-|-5-|-4-|-7-|-8-|-10-|-5-|-4-|-7-|-10-|-12-|
Chorus Riff (use pattern picking):|---|---|---||---|---|---||-5-|-4-|-5-||---|---|---||---|---|---||-5-|-3-|-5-|Listen to song for timing of picking.
END TAB Layout of the song: Intro: Main Riff (x2) Verse 1: Main Riff (x2) Riff 1 (x1) Main Riff (x1) Chorus ("Close my eyes for a while.."): Chorus Riff (x2) Riff 2 (x2) Verse 2: Main Riff (x2) Riff 1 (x1 Main Riff (x1) Refrain ("I gave you all.."): Riff 4 (x1 or 2) Chorus: Chorus Riff (x2, strum it) Refrain: Riff 4 (strum, listen to song for timing) Verse 3: Main Riff (whole way through, strumming) Refrain: Riff 4 or 5 (can't exactly tell) Outro: Riff 2 (picking) Riff 3 Riff 2 End with one open strum. END
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