Mumford And Sons – The Enemy chords

Mumford and sons - Enemy

Capo 1

(I tend not to strike the whole chord or at least dampen it because
 it's played on a Banjo so it's bound to sound a little different 
but they're the same chords essentially.
 Hope this helps at least, Greg Best)

Bm A GGive me hope in silence its easier its kinder
Bm A GTell me not of heartbreak
Bm A G it plagues my soul, it plagues my soul
Bm A GAnd bury me beside you i have no hope in solitude
Bm A GAnd the world will follow to the earth down below
G Bm A GBut i came and i was nothing
G Bm A GTime will give us nothing
G Bm A GSo why did you choose to lean on
G Bm A GThe man you knew was falling
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