Mundy - Gin And Tonic Sky chords

By JoFFraY “Disco rock”
My second version (this is the true version) of this great song, without Capo 
E :022100
D: 000232
A: 002220

F# + (B[----2-3-2) 
E  + (B[----0-1-0)

(With F# play 244222/222222/244222)
F# EOn a lonesome evening, when rain turns pavement black
D F#I put you on a train, I’d never see you back again…
A E D'cause you were leaving, I couldn't fathom why
A E Dand the moon was a slice of lemon in a gin and tonic sky
gin and tonic sky
F# Ewell I put you on a train, you should have heard the engines laughter
D F#saying' "I'm takin' her away and don't come running after"
F# Eyou gave me one last cold kiss, colder than steel
D this would be the last time
A Eand my tears were like vinegar burning in my eyes,
D burning in my eyes
1 CHORUS 2 CHORUS Please swear you won't take her from me now… And I always said train stations gave me a lonesome feeling 'cause from someone somewhere they were stealing, stealing na na na na na, na na na and to hear the trains arms a violently pumping and a little ruby heart inside me a thumping, I was my own man now, a soldier on a battle field, A grain of sand on a gold dust beach, A one man band with an empty open hand, A one man band with an empty open hand 1 CHORUS(x2) Gin and tonic sky, gin and tonic sky, Gin and tonic sky, gin and tonic sky Sky oh! Gin and tonic sky
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