Mundy - July tab version 2

                               July - Mundy
Tabbed by:tom murphy

Tuning: drop D capo 5th


basic rhythm for verses. when you speed this up there'll be more notes.
C C/B C Am7e|------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------0-----------0-----------0-----------0---|G|----------0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----0-----------0-|D|--------5-----------4-----------5-------------5-------|A|--------------------------------------------7---------|D|--1-/-5-----5-----5-----5-----5-----5-----5-----5-----|
keeping that rhythm these are the other parts:
And a mongrel begins to bark....e|----------2-----------|B|--0---0---3-----------|G|--0---0---2-----------|D|--2---4---0-----------|A|----------------------|D|--2---4---0-----------|
(strummed)because he isn't really there....e|----------------------|B|--0---0---0-----------|G|--0---0---0-----------|D|--2---4---5-----------|A|--0---0---5-----------|D|--2---4---5-----------|
(strummed)Oh my my my....e|------------------2---|B|--0---0---0---0---3---|G|--0---0---0---0---2---|D|--5---4---5---2---0---|A|--5---5---5---2---0---|D|--5---5---5---2---0---|
mmm mmmmmm mmmmm mm....e|------------------2---|B|--0---0---0---0---3---|G|--0---0---0---0---2---|D|--2---0---2---4---0---|A|------------------0---|D|--2---0---2---4---0---|
************************************ C C/B C Am7 G July please, I'm on my knees, The smell of your fresh cut grass, C C/B C Am7 G Your blue sky grins for all its sins, Look another gorgeous levi ass C C/B C Am7 G July people come and go, It looks like another perfect day C C/B C Am7 G Just to see your Striptease show, July please try your best to stay Am7 Am7/B G Am7 Am7/B G And a mongrel begins to bark, at a wino in the park Am7 Am7/B G Am7 Am7/B C and his owner doesn't care, cause he really isn't there.. chorus: C C/B C Am7 G Oh! my my my,oh! my my my,oh! my my my, July (x2) C C/B C Am7 G July fizz bombs in my mouth, Babarama everywhere C C/B C Am7 G I can't lie on my pocket trout, So I sit back in the easy chair Am7 Am7/B G Am7 Am7/B G And a woman of middle age, Licks and thumbs annother page Am7 Am7/B G Am7 Am7/B C Then she brushes off the dirt, From her greyhound skirt (and all the boys go) Chorus Am7 Am7/G Am7 Am7/B G (x2) mmm.. mmm.. mmm. mmm.. mmmmm... Am7 Am7/B G Am7 Am7/B G And a baby sucks its thumb, To the sound of a steel drum Am7 Am7/B G Am7 Am7/B C And fountain water gush, Through the thick bull rush Chorus (x2) Stay on G at the end ************************************ | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note | b Bend | pb Pre-bend | br Bend release | pbr Pre-bend release | brb Bend release bend ************************************
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