Mundy – By Her Side tab

                           By Her Side 
                                       by "Mundy"
Tabbed by *Alan4*

Chords; G Am Ce---3---0---0----|B---0---1---1----|G---0---2---0----|D---0---2---2----|A---2---0---3----|E---3---0---0----|
Verse; G Am C Cats and dogs falling down from heaven, G Am C And i'm drenched right through to the bone, G Am C Splash, a car, burst, a puddle, G Am C Is there such a thing in this city, as a pay-phone?
C C/B Am D Ge---0---0---0---2---3---|B---1---1---1---3---0---|G---0---0---2---2---0---|D---2---0---2---0---0---|A---3---2---0---0---2---|E---0---0---0---0---3---|
C C/B Am D G The woman i love, she knows i'm trying C C/B Am D G And she loves me deep inside C C/B Am D She better give me a hard time Em C D Just to keep me by her side Chorus; Am D By her side Am D By her side That's it!! mail me; *Alan4*
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