Murder By Death – Until Morale Improves The Beathings Will Continue tab

Artist: Murder By Death
Song: Until Morale Improves, The Beatings Will Continue
Album: Who Will Survive and What Will Be Left of Them

Tuning: Standard (Eadgbe)

This song is fairly simple to play just acoustically and doesn't sound too bad (although 
cello, piano, and drums add a lot to it). Each time a chord is marked during the verse 
strums up semi-slowly first before just strumming the chord.

Intro: Em Cmaj7 X2

Em                       Cmaj7
I walked the road from Tucson to San Antonio
Em                             Cmaj7
With the smell of blood on my breath
Em             Cmaj7                        Em
Ninety days of sweat and dirt feels like one night
When you've got nothing left

Interlude I: same as the Intro

Bm                          Am        Em
Till there's nothing left to do but die

Em              Bm              D            C       
Buckshot is my bread and I'll drink whiskey instead of water
               Bm          D               C
Cause I can't stand to be sober in this place
Em          Bm           D       C       Em
Your hands on my face every step of the way
            Bm    D      C
Tryin' to peel away the pain

Interlude II:
Em - Cmaj7 - Em - B - Em - G 
- Em - C D (repeat)Am - Em - Am - Em - Fmaj7 - Em - Bm
REPEAT CHORUS Em Cmaj7 I'll drink whiskey instead of water. (repeat 4 times and end on Cmaj7)
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