Murphys Law - California Pipeline tab

Murphy's Law
California Pipeline

Guitar 2 doesn't play all the time
but there are some parts that are
neccesary for those ones, I starred
I just added extra parts in case you
have 2 guitars and the other one has
nothing better to do

~= hold note
.= Palm Mute
/= slide

Riff 1E|-------|B|-------|
Riff 2E|--------------------|B|--------------------|G|-----7777-666666666-|D|7777-7777-666666666-|A|7777-5555-444444444-|E|5555----------------|
Riff 3 FillsE|-------------------|----------------|--------------------|B|-------------------|----------------|--------------------|G|-----6666----------|----------------|--------------------|D|7777-6666-5555-9999|9/---7th time---|9~----10th-time-----|A|7777-4444-5555-9999|9/-(end of solo)|9~-(last-measure-of)|E|5555------3333-7777|7/--------------|7~-(-this-----riff-)|
Riff 4E|-------------------|B|-------------------|G|-----66-6----------|D|77-7-66-6-55-5-99-9|A|77-7-44-4-55-5-99-9|E|55-5------33-3-77-7| .. .. .. ..
Riff 5- bend these strings a little bitE|---------9999------7777----------9999------7\-|B|10101010------8888------10101010------8888----|G|----------------------------------------------|D|----------------------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------|
Order Guitar 1 Intro x1 Riff 1 x12 Riff 2 x2 Riff 1 x6 Riff 2 x2 Riff 1 x4 Riff 3 x10 Riff 1 x6 Guitar 2 Nothing x7 Riff 1 x6 Riff 2 x2 Riff 1 x6 Riff 2 x2 Riff 1 x4 Riff 3 x2 Riff 4 x2 * Riff 5 x1 * Riff 4 x2 * Riff 3 x2 Nothing x3 Riff 1 x3
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