Muse – Plug In Baby Acoustic tab

			     Muse - Plug In Baby (acoustic)
Tabbed by:Eric Aari Duhamel


Well, this is the notorious acoustic version of plug in baby.
its probably just tuned down a full step, but since id rather not,
i figured i would just tab it out for anyone who doesnt feel like tuning to D standard.

noteworthy: as usual i havent layed out any sort of strumming reference.
this is because i dont really believe in tabbing out a rhythm.
im not going to sit here and try to tell you what i interpret as upstrokes and downstrokes,
or how many strums go into each chord.
if you are serious about learning the song, you should obviously be listening to the recording
while reading the tab, guitar in hand.
listen to the song, figure out a rhythm for yourself.

i will do a lyrics sheet and song layout at the bottom.
use each figure as shown, in the order dictated in the layout.

also, the outro on the acoustic version i used to tab this out, appears to have an error,
at the point where the intro riff begins for the last time.
at about the 3 minute mark.
you can almost hear matt or a band member scoff at the guitar foul up.
the vocal solo after the second chorus, should be the intro/verse chords
right through the outro ending on F.

have fun and dont be scared to criticize.

Rhythm chords for intro C, E, F (i play C5, EMaj, Fmaj)

Intro riffe|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------5h6p5-------------------------------5h6p5----------|G|------4-----4-5---4-5-7-------7-5-4-------4-----4-5---4-5-7----------------|D|--6-7---6-7-----7---------------------6-7---6-7-----7----------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
C5 (rhythm queue)e|--------------------------------------------------|B|--4-5-4-5-----------5-7--7b8r7--5-4-5-------------|G|----------5-------5-------------------5-4-5-------|D|------------5---5---------------------------------|A|--------------7-----------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------|
EMaj Fmaje|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------5h6p5-------------------------------5h6p5----------|G|------4-----4-5---4-5-7-------7-5-4-------4-----4-5---4-5-7----------------|D|--6-7---6-7-----7---------------------6-7---6-7-----7----------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Emaj F e|----------------------------------------|B|------------------------5h6p5-----------|G|------4-----4-5---4-5-7-------7-5-4--2--|D|--6-7---6-7-----7--------------------3--|A|-------------------------------------3--|E|-------------------------------------1--|
verse chords| Chorus lead in C5 E F E5 ?e|----0--1--|---------|B|----0--1--|---------|G|-5--1--2--|--9------|D|-5--2--3--|--7---8--|A|-3--2--3--|--7---7--|E|----0--1--|---------|
Chorus chords F Am Ee|--1--0--0---|B|--1--1--0---|G|--2--2--1---|D|--3--2--2---|A|--3--0--2---|E|--1-----0---|
Song layout: intro riff (check tab for rhythm queue) Intro riff with rhythm/verse lead in verse/chorus lead in chorus intro riff with rhythm once through/verse lead in verse/chorus lead in chorus vocal solo (use verse chords) outro (intro riff with verse chords) End on F Lyrics sheet : I've exposed your lies, baby The underneath is no big surprise Now it's time for changing And cleansing everything To forget your love My plug in baby Crucifies my enemies When I'm tired of giving My plug in baby In unbroken virgin realities Is tired of living Don't confuse Baby you're gonna lose Your own game Change me Replace the envying To forget your love My plug in baby Crucifies my enemies When I'm tired of giving My plug in baby In unbroken virgin realities I'm tired of living | b bend | r release | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note ===============================================================================
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