Muse - Fillip chords version 1

G x8

Verse 1
GIt's happening soon, it's happening soon,
Its scent has been blowing in my direction. To me it is new, to me it is new, and it's Not gonna change for anybody. Chorus
G D Em E And it's gonna be our last memory,
C D F#m F# And its led me on, and on to you...
G x4 Verse 2
GIt's got to be here, it's got to be there, it's gotta be now or I'll lose forever.
To me it is strange, this feeling is strange, but it's not going to change for anybody. Chorus Bridge
Gm F#Accuse me,
Gm F#Trust me, I never knew,
Fm E Fm E EmThat you were the one, you were the one, oooh.
G x8 Chorus x2
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