Muse – Cant Take My Eyes Off You tab


E-----------0---|B-----------12--|G-9---------9---| D-10--------10--| A-10--------10--|E---------------|
Verse 1 ----------------------------------- C you're just too good to be true G#4 can't take my eyes off you G#4m you feel like heaven to touch F i wanna hold you so much Fm at long lost love has arrived C and i thank god i'm alive F Fm you're just too good to be true C can't take my eyes off you ----------------------------------- Verse 2 C Pardon the way that I stare. G#4 There's nothing else to compare. G#4m The sight of you leaves me weak. F There are no words left to speak, Fm But if you feel like I feel, C Please let me know that it's real. F Fm You're just too good to be true. C Can't take my eyes off you.
E-----------------------|B---------------1-0-----|G-1-2--1-2--1-2------2--|D-----------------------| x3A-----------------------|E-----------------------|
Chorus ----------------------------------- I love you Dm G baby and if it's quite alright i need you C A baby to cure my lonely heart i want you Dm G C A baby trust in me when i say Dm Oh pretty baby G don't bring me down i pray C oh pretty baby A now that i've found this day Dm Oh let me love you baby G let me love you ----------------------------------- Repeat verse 1, chours and then ...
Enjoy! Tabbed by: sonia ruggeri
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