Mushroomhead - Simpleton tab

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Author/Artist: Mushroomhead
Title: Simpleton
Transcribed by: Ed Arsenault

This song is really easy, simpleton suits it well, took me like 3 secs to tab.
The first part to song, is played differently each time, so listen to song for a feel of the

Tuning is:


-|------------------------------------|--|------------------------------------|--|------------------------------------|--|--4---4--4--4---4--4--4--4----/7r---|--|--4---4--4--4---4--4--4--4----/7r---|--|--4---4--4--4---4--4--4--4----/7r---|- this is played for the whole song till the end just different variations
-|-----------------------------------------------------|--|-----------------------------------------------------|--|-----------------------------------------------------|--|--11r--/12r----11r--/12r-----16r--/17r---16r--/17r---|--|--11r--/12r----11r--/12r-----16r--/17r---16r--/17r---|--|--11r--/12r----11r--/12r-----16r--/17r---16r--/17r---|- the end part
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