Mushroomhead - The New Cult King tab

Song: The New Cult King from Mushroomhead
Tuning: 7 string standard dropped open (AEADGBe) 7 string not needed.
There really wasn't much out there for this song, and I'm sure it's not perfect, but 
goes. Careful with your timing.

Intro- starts off with just keyboard then:G1----------------------|----------------------|-7~-7~--888/7---------|(x16)-7~~~~--888/7---------|(riff is played in an 8 count)-5~~~~--666/5---------|----------------------|----------------------|
After G1 played the riff 4 times, G2 kicks in with:----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|(same timing)----------------------|(play for with G1 for last 12 of the x16)-5~~~~--666/5---------|-5~~~~--666/5---------|-5~~~~--666/5---------|
Verse: both guitars play their intro part x4, then only guitar 2 x4.
Chorus(each riff fits into a 1 count, and are played 8 times each)Part 1 Part 2------| --------|------| --------|------| --------|------| --------|-5555-| -5-5-5--|-5555-| -5-5-5--|-5555-| -5-5-5--| .... . . .Post Chorus: G1 plays its Intro riff x4.
Verse 2: G1 plays its Intro riff x4, then after that, GH2 plays its Intro riff x4. -Play Chorus Post Chorus 2: G1 plays its intro riff x8
Interlude 1(let ring go for 16 count, both guitars together)G1 G2----| ----|----| ----|-7~-| ----|-7~-| ----|-5~-| -5~-|----| -5~-|----| -5~-|
Interlude 2(each riff fits into 4 count, riff played x4 with both guitars together)G1 G2------| ------|------| ------|-7-8~-| ------|-7-8~-| ------|-5-6~-| -5-6~-|------| -5-6~-|------| -5-6~-|
Interlude 3(carried on to outro, couple slight variations I believe)----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|-333-33333------------|-333-33333------------|-333-33333------------|
... .....Outro------------| ----------|------------| ----------|-7~---7-----| -7~~~~----|-7~-----7---| -7~~~~----|-5~-------5-| -5~~~~----|------------| ----------|------------| ----------| 4 count /\ let ring out and give feedback
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