Mushroomhead - Fear Held Dear tab

Fear Held Dear from Mushroomhead
Tabbed by: 2fisted
Tuning: drop 7 string AEADGBe but 7 string isn't needed.

Note: this song has very little guitar just mainly keyboard and bass, but here it is.

-Intro/verse has no guitar.

Chorus--------------------------|--------------------------|--------------------------|--------------------------| x4-55----55----11----11-----|-55-55-55-55-11-11-11-11--|-55-55-55-55-11-11-11-11--|
.. .. .. .. -verse has no guitrar -play pre-chorus -play chorus -fill has no guitar -play pre-chorus
Interlude x2------------------------|------------------------|------------------------|------------------------|-55----5555-11----1111--|-55-55-5555-11-11-1111--|-55-55-5555-11-11-1111--|
.. ..-----------------------|-----------------------|-----------------------|-----------------------|-55----5555------------|-55-55-5555-1111-1111--|-55-55-5555-1111-1111--| .. .... ....-outro has no guitar
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