Mushroomhead - Erase The Doubt tab

righto, this sounds bout perfect 2 me. i found the saviour sorrow albums  guitar work 
REALY simple, but it sounds great. they dont seem to use many riffs in any of their songs 
so here u go...

 /-slide up
 .-malm mute
 \-slide down
 x-muted strings

 riff A                           riff B

-------------------------|------|--------------------| -------------------------|------|--------------------| -------------------------|------|--------------------| -------------------------|------|--------------------| -------------------------|------|-345-5-5-5-555-xxxx-| 345-5-5-5-53458345-5-5-5-|xxxxx-|-345-5-5-5-555-xxxx-|
now i think that theres a variation of this riff somewere in the song but im not %100 sure, but heres the chorus...
------------------------------------| ------------------------------------| ------------------------------------| ------------------------------------| 0--3--5-535--8-10-0--\3--5-535--8-7-| 0--3--5-535--8-10-0--\3--5-535--8-7-| .. ..
and belive it or not, thats about it. if any one can find the variation of this riff, please e-mail me at, thanx.
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