Musiq Soulchild – Buddy tab

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Dmaj7 C#m Amaj Dmaj Emaj F#me|---5------4-----5------5-----7------8------|B|---7------5-----5------7-----9------9------|G|---6------6-----6------7-----9------10-----|D|---7------6-----7------7-----9------10-----|A|---5------4-----7------5-----7------8------|E|---x------x-----5------x-----x------x------|
Melody Riff - played the entire time except for the Breakdowne|----9h10p9-7----7------------|B|-------------10---10-9-7-----|G|-----------------------------|D|-----------------------------|A|-----------------------------|E|-----------------------------|
Verse 1: Pardon darling ..if I alarmed you I don't mean to bother you I just wanna Get you to pause and slow your walk so Maybe we can talk and I can try to charm you Just tryna find out who you are I don't mean to come off like a telemarketer I ain't no hood, no crook, no robber I just wanna part of your heart I can borrow Bridge: Dmaj7 (Sometimes) And maybe I could call you up C#m (Sometimes)And maybe I can take you out Amaj C#m (Sometimes) So let's exchange digits and later arrange visits Dmaj7 Either your place or mine (yeah) C#m This a different type of commitment (yeah) Amaj I'm talking 'bout a true friendship (yeah) Someone I can depend on C#m To be down no matter what Dmaj7 Let me know if you with it 'cause girl Chorus: C#m It would be fly if you were B-U-D-D-Y Amaj C#m Don't be shy, give it a try I could be yours and you could be mine Dmaj7 C#m I can't lie it would be fly if you were my B-U-D-D-Y Amaj C#m Don't be shy give it a try I could be yours if you could be mine Verse 2: Sorry if I come off disrespectful But my convo is a little bit too sexual But damn it's incredible, be a more flexible 'cause the context some text is a little special But, wait, let me explain it, A buddy is a equal beneficial arrangement A buddy is a buddy that don't be complaining, When his or her buddy buddy ain't the buddy the came with [Bridge] [Chorus] Breakdown: Dmaj Ooh ooh oh baby what I'm really tryin' a say is Emaj (That) The definition of a real buddy is F#m (That) She's that one that you can have fun Dmaj And ride shotgun through the city with me Emaj Together there's no limit to what we can do F#m And once we in it girl it's all about me and you So baby what you say don't pass this by 'cause if you decide.... [Chorus - two times]
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