Must - Freechild tab

Artist     : MusT
Song Title : Freechild
Author     : Ben []
                 [AIM: Peacedemon05]

-->   NOTE: The sus4 chords are "substitutions" for the chords that     <--
-->  Dave uses. The actual chords are eluding my musical genius due     <--
--> to possible unconventional tuning and/or inversions and inharmonics <--

*** The guitars both have a little reverb and (during Fig.3 chords) distortion

Bsus4 Asus4 Gsus4 F#sus4 e|--x-----x-----x-----x--| B|--7-----5-----3-----2--| G|--9-----7-----5-----4--| D|--9-----7-----5-----4--| Fig.1 A|--7-----5-----3-----2--| E|--7-----5-----3-----2--|
* When strumming the intro rythym, strum the 2 lower notes first [twice] * * (on the E and A strings), then the 3 higher strings [four times]. This * * creates an effect that you are actually playing two different chords * * when you are actually playing in different octaves. *
e|--x---x---x--|B|--3---5---7--|G|--5---7---9--|D|--5---7---9--| Fig.2A|--3---5---7--|E|--3---5---7--|
e|-----------------------------------------x-x-x-x-x-x-x-|B|-----12------------------------10---10---3-3-3-2-2-3-0-|G|---9----9-----9-9-10-12------7----7----7-5-5-5-4-4-5-2-|D|-9-------(12)--------------7-------------5-5-5-4-4-6-2-| Fig.3A|-----------------------------------------3-3-3-2-2-3-0-|E|-----------------------------------------3-3-3-2-2-3-0-| *Last time, hold F#sus4 into Fig.3*
e|---------------------------| e|--------|B|---------------------------| B|--------|G|---------------------------| G|--------|D|-9^-----9^---9^----9^------| Fig.4a D|-9^-----| Fig.4bA|----10----9-----7-----7-9--| A|----7-6-|E|---------------------------| E|--------|
* The last time fig. 4a/5a are played, * * play the corresponding fig.b *
e|-----------------------| e|--x---x--|B|-----------------------| B|--5---3--|G|---4-5---7p5h7---5h7p5-| G|--7---5--|D|-7-------------7-------| Fig.5a D|--7---5--|Fig.5bA|-----------------------| A|--5---3--|E|-----------------------| E|--5---3--|
======================================================================== INTRO: Alternate between Bsus4 and Asus4 (check recording for timing) VERSE: *Fig.1 (2x) Embellish mine wayward soul Blast it with your vicious beauty I know Iíve been perverted like a man Who's not shagged in years *Fig.2 (2x) Mama loves me yes she does But sheís a thief She done her best she didnít know They got her too CHORUS: *Fig.3 (2x) Now I know youíre coming home to me Freechild baby be Lucid and in harmony A wildflower pretty VERSE: *Fig.4 (2x) And speaking in tongues she casts her spell Vodka still wet on her lips Iím quantum flung into a place Iíve always needed to be *Fig.2 (2x) Angel of the darkest night Has sung to me And though my heart is breaking My wounds cease to bleed CHORUS: *Fig.3 (2x) Now I know youíre coming home to me Freechild baby be Lucid and in harmony A wildflower pretty... Bridge: *Fig.5a/b VERSE: *Fig.1 (2x) Yeah we ride the golden skyway Now spread those wings Into the heart of a mad and impassioned sun run *Fig.2 (2x) Through all the days and all the years Right there youíll be In shining braided glory you were made made for me CHORUS (2x): *Fig.3 (4x) Now I know youíre coming home to me Freechild baby be Lucid and in harmony A wildflower pretty OUTRO: *Fig.3 (2x) ooh OOooh-yeah ooohoohooohooo Lucid and in harmony Now that I know Now that I know [Strum F#sus4] *** For any corrections, suggestions, *** *** or requests, email me or IM me. ***
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