Mustard Plug – Box tab ver. 2

Mustard Plug - Box
Standard Tuning.

Tabbed by OGT777777

This is going to be similar to most other tabs on here, 
but I found the other tabs were missing the correct verse
and the part at the end.

Strumming not shown.  Palm mute the first runs through, etc

F G Bb Ce|--------------|B|--------------|G|--------------|D|-3--5--8--10--|A|-3--5--8--10--|E|-1--3--6--8---|
Verse: (And by approximate I mean very approximate. I'm terrible at transcribing rhythm.)
F C A Bbe|-1-1-x111-x-3-3-x333x-5-5-x555x-6-6-x666x-|B|-1-1-x111-x-5-5-x555x-5-5-x555x-6-6-x666x-|G|-2-2-x222-x-5-5-x555x-6-6-x666x-7-7-x777x-|D|------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------|
Chorus: The chorus has two guitar parts in it, pretty much the same as the intro but the other guitar plays the "ska chords" through a clean channel Guitar 1 is the distorted power chords: Strumming not shown
F G Bb Ce|--------------|B|--------------|G|--------------|D|-3--5--8--10--|A|-3--5--8--10--|E|-1--3--6--8---|
Guitar two: Strumming not shown, but it follows the verse's rhythm
F G Bb Ce|-1--3--6--8---|B|-1--3--6--8---|G|-2--4--7--9---|D|--------------|A|--------------|E|--------------|
The rest of the song alternates between Verse / Chorus The last part of the song is a little riff doubled by the bass:
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