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Mustards Retreat – Wreck Of The Julie Plante chords


Couldn't find the chords for this song anywhere on the internet, so I emailed the 
group and luckily they emailed me in a few hours.

This is for standard tuning but on their recording they have a Capo on the 2nd 
fret with the same chord positions.

Am G Am G Am On one dark night on Lake St. Claire, the wind she blow and blow.
C G Am The crew of the wood scow Julie Plante got scared and run below.
F C G Am The wind she blow like a hurricane, maybe she blow some more.
Am G Am G Am Julie Plante bust up off old Grosse Pointe, one mile from the shore.
(turnaround: Am=>G=>Am=>G=>Am) The Captain walked on the fore deck. He walked the aft deck too. He called the crew up from the hold, the Cook he called also. That Cook, her name was Rosie, she come from Montreal. She was chambermaid on a lumber barge on the Grand LaChine Canal. The night was dark like one black cat. The waves run high and fast. The Captain took little Rosie girl, he lashed her to the mast. Then he give her his life preserve, and he jumped off in the Lake Saying, “Oh farewell my Rosie girl, I go drown for your sake…” Now all you Great Lake sailormen, take lesson from that storm. Go you marry some nice French girl, and live on a Grosse Pointe farm. Then the wind she blow like hurricane, maybe she blow some more… You can’t get drowned on Lake Ste Claire so long as you stay onshore.
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