Mutemath - Tell Your Heart Heads Up tab

This is my very first tab, so, bear with me.
This is the intro for "tell your heart heads up" but is basically what is played 
throughout the entire track,
give or take a few minor variations, or breaks really.
If you listen carefully to the song you will get where to not play should you want to 
perform the song with your band.
The riff is pretty straight forward but is played pretty quickly, so, probably best to 
play it
a little slowly with a metronome to begin with, so you get it clean and precise.
I'm also pretty sure this is about where he's playing on the neck/strings given the tone.
Such good fun to play!

e ||------------------------------------------------------------------||b ||------------------------------------------------------------------||g ||--------------------------------------------------- 5/7 ----------||D || 3h5p3 -------------------------- 3h5p3 ---- 3 - 5 ------ 8 - 5---||A ||------- 5----------------- 3-5-3-------- 5------------------------||E ||--------- 6 - 3 --/3 - 6 -----------------------------------------|| Repeat throughout
h = hammer on p = pull off / = slide this is a great song and i hope this tab helps you enjoy it a little more
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