Mxpx - Lets Keep A Beat tab

Song:Let's Keep a Beat
Album:b-movie dvd
Date Tabbed:February,2008
Guitar Tabber: rodro91

Tunning: Standard

This is a very short and easy song to play. Try to figure out the strumming, it's very straight.

Intro: Guitar 1e|----------------|B|-----2---5-3-2--|G|---2---2--------|D|----------------|A|----------------|E|----------------| x10
Intro: Guitar 2 (Start at the 3rd time of Gt.1)e|------------------------------|B|------------------------------|G|---------------7---------9----|D|---7-----4-----7-----7---9----|A|---7-----4-----5-----7---7----|E|---5-----2-----------5--------| x1
Chorus: Guitar 2e|--------------------|B|--------------------|G|-----------7---9----|D|---7---4---7---9----|A|---7---4---5---7----|E|---5---2------------| x2
Ends withe|-------|B|-------|G|-------| D|---7---|A|---7---| E|---5---|
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