Mxpx - Quit Your Life Acoustic tab

This is the acoustic version. This is exactly how they play it acoustically. I've 
videos on YouTube of the acoustic version and it's exact. I've even included the fingerpicking 
So here it is:

Quit Your Life Acoustic – MXPX

Capo 2nd Fret

Verse 1:
          G          Cadd9
I've been everywhere around the world
    Em7             Dsus
And finally here tonight
    G              Cadd9
You seem to be the only one
   Em7            Dsus
To make me feel alright

Pre-Chorus 1:
I feel good
       Cadd9              Em7   Dsus
When I know you're coming down
I feel good
       Cadd9            Em7    Dsus x2
When I know you'll be around


So quit your life
And stay with me
      Em7          G
We'll order in and watch TV
We'll paint the house
And wash the car
We'll take a walk
But not too far
   Cadd9             Dsus
So quit your life
And stay with me

Verse 2:
New York to Los Angeles
And all the towns between
After miles and hours on the road
You're the best I've seen

Pre-Chorus 2:
I feel good
You're the best friend that I've found
I feel good
When I'm coming back to your town


Cadd9       Dsus
I heard the road
       Em7        G
It was calling my name
  Cadd9              Dsus
I walked towards the light
      Em7             G
And I ran towards the flame
  Em7             G
I ran towards the flame

Verse 3:
After all is said and done
I don't mind saying it again
I'll say it's true that I'm in love
With the places I've been

Pre-Chorus 1


Fingerpicking Tabs (Capo 9th Fret):

Pre-Chorus: C F Am G x2|----------|-----------|-----------|-----------||------1---|------1----|------1----|------3----||----0---0-|----2---2--|----2---2--|----0---0--||--2-------|--3--------|--2--------|--0--------||----------|-----------|-----------|-----------|
Chorus:|------3--||--0-1----||---------| repeat|---------||---------||---------|
Bridge:|--3--------||----1-0-1--||-----------| repeat|-----------||-----------||-----------|
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