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Here it is!
Song:  Circumstance
Artist:  MxPx
Album:  Move To Bremerton (single)

Are you happy with your life?
You make just enough to scrape by

You pay the rent, that you just spent
Less than a week ago
You wasted all your pay and you dont
         A        B         E
remember where it went all, now.

the lead part:

D|---9-7-6-------6-----|A|---------9-7-9---9---| Play this 8 times
E B Tired and broke, can't pay the rent. C# A What can bring her so much pain? E B They can't build her self-esteem. C# A E B How can this be, happening? E You might have the temporary, superficial happiness A that you buy with money you don't have. E Do you tell yourself, this is just the first time, B A B E Maybe the last time when you chance your circumstance E Life is not a job or a career. A Living is not smoking and drinking beer E You can't play with Sarah, not today, B A B E You may think it's yours, it's yours, it's yours to be. 2nd lead:
G|---9--9--9--7---9--9--9--9--7---9--9--9--7---9-11-11--9---|D|----------------------------------------------------------| Play 4 timesA|---7--7--7--5---7--7--7--7--5---7--7--7--5---7--9--9--7---|
questions, comments, or requests go to (Jamie Hayes) I downloaded this from the Official MxPx homepage( I noticed that the OLGA had no MxPx tab so I decided to transfer a few songs. In time I hope to get every song I can on OLGA. Send more if ya gottem. I did not tab this out. But I have played it and it is consistent. The bass tab is usually exactly the same as the guitar part. "PUNX NOT DED" -Ryan Sumner
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