Mxpx – My Life Story tab

This is the song Mike and Tom played together on accoustic guitars on MxPx's B-Movie.
That's what made me want to learn it. This is an extremely accurate chord arrangement
of this song. You could simply listen to the electric recording of this song to get the

A                                D
I was on my way to be with you today

A                G                             Em     D  Am  
But I know It's true because I wouldn't lie to you

A                                                 D
First my car broke down so then I had to hitch a ride

A             G                    Em      D  Am
I was almost there when the motor died


A                                  D         Am
Don't hate me forever, I'm better late than never

A                                      D        Am
I failed you, I'm sorry, That's simply my life story

AAAAAAA  D       Am 
         My Life Story!

A                                           D
I know it's much too late, to take you on a date

A                  G                  Em       D  Am
But I know it's no use but this is my excuse

A                                           D
I was in a plane as it was falling from the sky

A                G                       Em
Knew I had to survive so I could say goodbye
   D         Am   
So Goodbye



E (pm)                              A (pm)
Change your mind like I changed the time, that I was gonna call you

Or say I was about to

A                                           G            
Change your mind like I changed the time, I said that I would be there

                                          D  Am   
But then I didn't have a thing to wear!


AAAAAAAA   D       Am
           My Life Story

That's it, pretty straightforward! tell me what you think
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