Mxpx – Final Slowdance tab

Artist: MxPx
Song: The Final Slowdance
Album: Slowly Going The Way Of The Buffalo
Tabbed By: Jed Howell

Chord Chart: A D F# G B e -----|--------|-------|-------|------ B -----|--------|-------|-------|------ G -----|----7---|-------|-------|------ D --7--|----7---|----4--|----5--|----9- A --7--|----5---|----4--|----5--|----9- E --5--|--------|----2--|----3--|----7-
Intro: D...e -------------|...D B ---3--5--7---| G -------------| D -------------| A -------------| E -------------|
Verse: A D You're taking al the space up in my head F# With all the things tha t we could do and G A All the things that could be said B D It's hard for me to try and understand F# G The way I feel about you and the way it A D Made me feel to hold your hand Chorus: F# B G Am I running out of time or am I at the A D Starting line? F# B I know I missed the mark yet I just need some G A Sort of sign Bridge: G A My words don't come out easily B F# So I will tell you honestly G No one wants to spend A D Eternity alone....... Order: Intro Verse Chorus Bridge Intro Verse Chorus(fast) Bridge(slow) Intro
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