Mxpx – Inches From Life tab

ARTIST: Magnified Plaid
SONG TITLE: Inches From Life
ALBUM TITLE: Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo

This is my first tab, so any complaint.lemme know:

Chord Key e---------------------- b---------------------- g-----5--6------------- d--3--5--6---8---6--5-- a--3--3--4---8---6--5-- e--1---------6---4--3-- F C C# Bb G# G
VERSE ONE F There's something wrong inside of us C And it's important to discuss. C# A narrow mind and hardened heart Bb And this is just the very start. F Frustration gets the best of me C So I don't speak coherently. C# We are taught to go along, Bb We need to figure out what might be wrong. BRIDGE (these are quick 8th notes) G#G#-CC-FF-C#C# 4x's CHORUS G# C F You oughta know you can be inches from life C# And never live at all. G# C F You oughta know that pride is our downfall C# There's no need to stand up tall. INTERLUDE F G# F C# C G# F C# C G# F VERSE TWO F No one knows what's going on C Even those who cause oppression. C# Most of which don't realize, Bb Uneasy smiles and blackened eyes. F Could it be there's something real, C Not always known but you can feel? C# The presence of an absolute Bb That our live can't substitute? BRIDGE CHORUS OUTRO (Let notes ring awhile) F G# G F (PM LAST 3) F G# F That's it.
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