Mxpx - Downfall Of Western Civilization tab

artist: mxpx
album: slowly going the way of the buffalo
tabbed by: AceTS45

somebody asked for this, so i tok the time to do it. here ya go man.

P= pull DOWN. not off

bass intro: C, G, D twice. figure out the rythem.

guitar: Eb, E, D, C

C G F C 3x

C           F
what do you call yourself?
G            D
What did you call me?

exscuse me but you dont knoe me
F                G
and I sure don't know you neither

C               F         G
who are you and where did you go?
C                      F   G
you think you nkow but you just dont know!


the hard-as-crap-to-figure-out-solo:

have fun.
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