Mxpx – The Final Slowdance tab


By: josiah (

(intro) D5 D5 D5e|--------------------------------------0--2-2------------------------|B|-3---------------------------------3--------------------------------|G|-2------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-0------------------------------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------|
(verse) B5 xx D5 xx D5 xx D5 xx D5 You're taking all the space up in my head Fb5 with all the things that we could do and G5 A5 all the things that could be said B5 xx D5 xx D5 xx D5 xx D5 it's hard for me to try and understand Fb5 The way I feel about you and the way it G5 A5 made me feel to hold your hand (Pre-chorus)(2nd time is faster) D5 Fb5 Am I running out of time or B5 G5 A5 am I at the starting line? D5 Fb5 I know I missed the mark yet B5 G5 A5 I just need some sort of sign (chorus)(2nd time is slower) G5 A5 My words don't come out easily B5 Fb5 so I will tell you honestly G5 No one wants to spend A5 D5 (play intro and play whole song all over) eternity alone.... (that's about all you need to know)
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