Mxpx - Blood And Guts tab

Chords Used:E D C# A E/G# B Eme-----------------------|b-----------------------|g-9--7--6---------------|d-9--7--6---7-------9-2-|a-7--5--4---7---7---9-2-|e-----------5---4---7-0-|
Intro:E,D,C#,A x2 Verse: E Have You Got Guts,Because you went to fast? A C# B E Have you lost control and ended up in a cast? A B Em C# B Have you given blood,unintentionally to the ground? A B Em shake it off get up and walk around. B Chorus: B E C# Blood and guts,Guts and blood A B Broken Bones and squirts of blood (Repeat Intro x2)
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