My American Heart - Poision tab

This i only part of the intro sry i couldnt figure out the rest, but if you know how to 
the rest please tell me!

Guitar 1D|-----------------------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------------------|F|-----------------------------------------------|C|-----------------------------------------------|G|-----3p0--5p0--3p0--5p0-----x8-----------------|C|---00------------------5-3---------------------|
after the 4th time guitar 1 plays guitar 2 starts the rest try to figure out, if u do plz tell me or tell me if im wrong.
Guitar 2D|-----------------------------------------------|A|-----------------------------------------------|F|-----------------------------------------------|C|-----------------------------------------------|G|5-x12--8-x4--7-x12--10-x4--8-x12--7-x4--10-x12-|C|-----------------------------------------------|
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