My Bloody Valentine - Cigarette In Your Bed chords

		CIGARETTE IN YOUR BED - My Bloody Valentine 
Tabbed by: Ankhe

Tuning: standard, EADGBE

I've always wanted to know how to play this.

Those Strange Chords:

A7M Asus2 C#sus2 Dsus2 Bsus2e|--4------0------4------5------2--|B|--2------0------4------5------2--|G|--2------2------6------7------4--|D|--2------2------6------7------4--|A|--2------0------4------5------2--|E|--0------0------4------5------2--|
Intro: A7M Verse 1: A7M Asus2 (on a recent video i heard him Falling down not playing A7M, just Asus2 instead)
C#sus2 Dsus2I like to watch you
Bsus2crawl around
A7M Asus2Arms untied
C#sus2 Dsus2Scratching your eyes out
Bsus2With a smile
A7M Verse 2:
A7M Asus2Strange stare
C#sus2 Dsus2Strangled by the blade left
Bsus2In your heart
A7M Asus2I glide by
C#sus2 Dsus2Slip a cigarette
Bsus2In your bed
A Bridge:
Outro: A I'm not so sure about the bridge part, but think the rest of the chords is quite all-right. I'm still curious about that weird sound at the beginning of song. Propably some kind of Emajor chord on 12th fret, when the tremolo bridge is bend down before strumming, then slightly loose up till the normal position. Or perhaps I'm wrong. Comments/ratings appreciated. Ankhe
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