My Bloody Valentine - Lovelee Sweet Darlene chords

Hi there this is the first tab I've done... 'cause I can't found it nowhere!
so I tried to do it by ear. I tuned my guitar a half step down, but I think
that standard tune works fine too. it's an easy and good song. Enjoy!
tabbed by: alex liu
tuning: half step down or standard
Album: This is the new record of my bloody valentine EP (1986)

E //whenever i am near you,
E A D B **whenever i get close to you,
E //i get a funny feeling...
E A D Boh, your too perfect to be real!
E Fm A Byour so young and your so clean
you know youve got everything oh, i can touch you when i please..
A ELovely Sweet Darlene-
A B EDarling of my dreams
[same progression] i know that its unhealthy im fantasizing everything.. i know that you dont need me thats why these feelings lie to me.. oh, i dont know what to do i only wish i could have you Lovely Sweet Darlene- Darling of my dreams whenever i am near you, whenever i get close to you, i get a funny feeling.. oh, your too perfect to be real! i touch your hair i touch your lips and imagine we kiss.. oh i can die a thousand times! Lovely Sweet Darlene- Darling of my dreams ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- **notes**
I'm not sure that E-A-D-B is right, but it sounds pretty good.----------------------------------------------------------------------------
grettings from Noiseland
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