My Bloody Valentine - You Made Me Realise tab

Version three! Each time I listen to this song, I hear something else that I never 
before and this tab goes back to the drawing board. I am quite sure this time, however, that 
am at least 85% accurate. If not, I give up on this song.

Intro Riff

Verse Chords: E:x799xx D:x577xx C:x355xx A:x022xx E D C What did (you say you'd) find A D Then come, come, come, get the hell inside E D C You can close your eyes A D Well you might as well commit suicide E D C D Wait for me because I waited for you E D C D No that's not what you should do A C Don't hate me 'cause I don't hate you E D C Insane eyes (no chords) You made me realise The rest of the song is basically alternating between the introduction and the verse. the noise section, just make about 30 seconds of white hiss in whatever way you see fit. Enjoy!
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