My Chemical Romance - Summertime tab

                          By My Chemical Romance
                Danger Days: The True Lives Of Fabulous Killjoys
                                 Track: 11
Tabbed By: Archville16

Tuning Standard: E Standard


Guitar 1:
D5 (Palm Mute)

Guitar 2:

Verse ------ (In Power Chords)-(Bm+Em stay normal) G D When the lights go out D Will you take me with you? A Em And carry all this broken bone Em G Through six years down in crowded rooms G D And highways I call home D A Is something I cant know till now A Em Till you picked me off the ground Em G With brick in hand, your lip gloss smile A Your scraped-up kness and Chorus ------- (In power chords)- (Bm+Em stay normal) G A If you stay D G I would even wait all night G A Bm Or until my heart explodes Bm How long? until we G A D G Find our way in the dark and out of harm G A D You can run away with me... anytime you want Verse II --------- (In power chords) - (Bm+Em stay normal) D A Terrified of what I'd be A Em As a kid from what I've seen Em G Every single day when people try G D And put the pieces back together D A Just to smash them down A Em Turn my headphones up real loud Em G I don't think I need them now A Cause you stop the noise out CHORUS- Same chords -------------------- A D Anytime you want A D Anytime you want Intro to solo -------------
Solo ----
Final Chorus ------------- (In Power Chords)- (Bm+Em stay noraml) D Don't walk away D Don't walk away D G Don't walk away A If you stay D G I would even wait all night G A Bm Or until my heart explodes Bm How long? until we G A D G Find our way in the dark and out of harm G A You can run away with me D G You can write it on your arm G A You can run away with me... D Anytime you want Few Strums To End of D END ----
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