My Chemical Romance - Drowning Lessons tab

----------------------*---------------------------|----------------------*-10--9---------------------|-14--13----14--13-----*-------9---11--11----------|-(12)---14-(14)-(14)14*--------------------------|Repeat till *-(12)------(14)-------*-9-~~~~~---9---11----------|-10-~~~~~-12-~~~~~-*-------------------12---------|
*: (The Ending of the Intro)-------------5-----------------------------------|--9-----9----7-----------------------------------|--x-----x----7-----------------------------------|--x-----x----7-----------------------------------|--4-----7----5-----------------------------------|-------------x-----------------------------------|
~~~~~: always the same tone x: Mute it (lay your finger a little bit on the string, DON'T push it onto the board) - that should be right. Standart Tuning please. And something to add about the (.): I play this notes, you don't have to, but if u play that alone it sounds much better. Plz give Comments. And I selected Intermediate because u have to hold the strings very different each changing cord
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