My Dying Bride - The Thrash Of Naked Limbs tab

The Thrash of Naked Limbs

     Well, here is a good MDB song to play on the bass.  I thought that I
     would share what I know of it with the rest of you.  Don't blame me if some
     of it is a tad off.  I figured this out with only three strings on my bass,
     namely the E, A, and D strings.

     First Riff - Intro

G:|-----------------------------------| D:|---------------------------7-7-8-7-| A:|----5-6--3--5--8-6-6/10-10---------| E:|-3---------------------------------|
Repeat the first riff four times (the 2nd guitar comes in on the third repeat). Second Riff - First two verses
G:|-----------------------------------------------------| D:|---7-8--7-------7-8--7-------7-8--7-----5--7--9-10-9-| A:|-5---------7--5---------8--5---------7---------------| E:|-----------------------------------------------------|
Repeat the second riff until the end of the second verse (the vocals begin at the second repetition of riff 2) That's all I've got so far. I hope to come up with more soon; maybe I'll tab this song for guitar as well. We'll see.
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