My Latest Novel - I Declare A Ceasefire chords

Artist: My Latest Novel	
Song: I Declare A Ceasefire
Album: Death and Entrances
Tabbed by: Don Tago

Standard Tuning

Chords used:
C: 032010
F: 133211

Riff 1:e|----1-0-1-5-1-0-1---|B|--------------------|G|--------------------|D|--3-----------------|A|--------------------|E|--------------------|
Intro chords: FBb - F Verse 1 chords:
F BbI declare a ceasefire, ‘cause otherwise I’d find it hard
FIn among the crossfire, been arrows simply pierce my heart
BbAnd puncture my design to put aside a previous heart
FAnalysing dialogue and also known so lightly, “thrown”
Interlude: FCBb [repeat 2x, then] F [w/ riff 1 x4]
Verse 2: [use verse 1 chords] Fenenfaern(?) so stupid, so turn around and walk away Declare this is over, and run, run, run, run, run Remember that these arrows are only sticks and sharpened stones They can be collected as far from here as they can go
Interlude: FCBb [repeat 2x], then F [w/ riff 1 x4], then
F [until chorus] Chorus chords: [repeat 9x]
FPlease put down your guns and lower your weapons
BbOh, I declare a change of heart
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