My Morning Jacket – Off The Record tab ver. 2

			     Off the Record - My Morning Jacket

Tabbed by: Hampus Hidenius

Tuning:Standard (Capo at 9th fret)

I saw that there already was a tab of this song and it's good but it´s not quite right.
 I'm pretty sure MMJ plays this song with a Capo at the 9th fret.
 It sounds more like the record AND it´s easier to play :)

Over all the choruses, play this little riff:

E A Be|---0----------0-0-4-7--5---------------------4--2--0-----------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Listen to the song for timing
Intro D U D D D U D De|--------------------0-0-x----0-------------------------0-0-x----0------------------|B|--------------------1-1-x----1-------------------------0-0x----0-------------------|G|--------------------2-2-x----2-------------------------0-0-x----0------------------|D|--------------------2-2-x----2-------------------------2-2-x----2------------------|A|---------2~~-0------0-0-x----0---------------0---------2-2-x----2------------------|E|-0-0-0-3-----------------------------0-0-0-3----0------0-0-x----2------------------|
D U D D D U D D D U D De|--------------------0-0-x----0-------------------------0-0-x----0------0-0-x----0--|B|--------------------1-1-x----1-------------------------0-0-x----0------0-0-x----0--|G|--------------------2-2-x----2-------------------------1-1-x----1------1-1-x----1--|D|--------------------2-2-x----2-------------------------2-2-x----2------2-2-x----2--|A|---------2~~-0------0-0-x----0---------------0--2------2-2-x----2------2-2-x----2--|E|-0-0-0-3-----------------------------0-0-0-3-----------0-0-x----0------0-0-x----0--|
The rythm is the same as the intro in the first half of the song, but after that, the jam starts, but i will get to that later. Verse 1 E Sorry bout the things that I had to say A B and I'll make it up to you right now at the penny arcade. E In an open car or wherever you are A B push yourself too far and it might get hot. Pre-chorus A B Well I really don't need the confusion A B and you know I just ain't the type A B A B to get all wrapped up in the illusion of doin something that I know ain't right right right. Right, right??? Chorus E A You've got to want to re-arrange and keep it off the record. B Off the record. E A You've got to know that we will change and keep it off the record. B Off The Record. After the chorus, you play this:
The timing is a little tricky on that riff so listen to the song to hear it. Verse 2 E In a crowded room near the box of boom, A B to an artificial tune, I see you swoon. E A Well you knew all this would turn to mist if your idea wasn't kissed B Why're you so pissed? Pre-chorus A B Well I know you don't need the confusion A B and I know you just ain't the type, A B A B to get all wrapped up in the illusion of doin something that you know ain't right Right Right. Right Right??? Right Right??? Right Right??? Chorus E A You've got to want to rearrange and keep it off the record. B Off the record. E A You've got to know that we will change and keep it Off The Record. B Off The Record. Over this chorus, play the chorus riff again. E A You've got to want to rearrenge and keep it Off The Record. B Off The Record E A You've got to know that we will change and keep it Off The Record. B Off The Record come on! Play the intro again but instead of ending with this:
D U D D D U D D e|--------------------0-0-x----0------0-0-x----0--|B|--------------------0-0-x----0------0-0-x----0--|G|--------------------1-1-x----1------1-1-x----1--|D|--------------------2-2-x----2------2-2-x----2--|A|----------0--2------2-2-x----2------2-2-x----2--|E|--0-0-0-3-----------0-0-x----0------0-0-x----0--|
End with:
Em e|----------------------------------|B|----------------------------------|G|----------------------------------|D|----------------------------------|A|----------------------------------|E|--0-0-0-3b-0-0--------------------|
Now the jam starts! Play the above riff for a while and after that the keyboard comes in The keyboard chords are Em and Am.
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