My Morning Jacket – I Needed It Most chords

My Morning jacket
I Needed It Most

Capo 4th Fret

CI needed it most,
EWhen I was eighteen
Am But now that I'm older,
DI don't need many things
CJust someone to hold,
EThat's what you give me
Am When dark touches your skull baby,
D G oh, babe, you can drop that on me
GSo I say Lord,
AmAll the heavens you've made,
CCan't hold back the ghosts
D GThat haunt my baby and me
GOh can't ye hold 'em back,
AmFrom comin' on in,
CTo a lovely woman,
That just wants
D G Her mind back again
G E Am D G C x3
C I will not crumble!
EWhat you want this to be
COr bring peace of mind,
EIf it ain't there to see
AmAh, if you don't know yourself,
D GHow could you ever know me
Am But to have and to hold you,
D GYeah, that's the way its gotta be
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